How Talking About It Can Benefit You

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How Talking About It Can Benefit You

When you are having a hard time dealing with life’s stresses, obstacles, and pains, talking can be one of the greatest moves you can make to get through it. We know that it can be difficult to open up sometimes, especially in a society that has stigmatized mental health for so long.

However, we are here to tell you that talking about it is a crucial step to getting through difficult times in life. Don’t believe us? Here are some science-backed benefits talking about your problems can bring you.

Ways Talking About It Can Benefit You

Talking about the issues, problems, and thoughts that are weighing on you has many benefits, including: 

Allows You to Feel Validated and Supported

Sometimes, you don’t need somebody to give you a solution to your problems. Many times, the greatest thing a person needs is somebody to simply validate their feelings and let them know they are supported and loved as they navigate difficult and stressful emotions.

Provides Stress-Relief

Studies have found that putting your feelings into words, otherwise referred to as “affect labeling,” is an effective way to relieve stress and negative emotions.

May Help You Come Up with a Solution

As you talk through your issues with a trusted loved one or professional, you may find yourself coming up with an effective solution to your problems. Oftentimes, when we talk things out, we break our problem up into smaller bits, allowing us to break the big problem into smaller issues.

Can Give You a Different Perspective

Oftentimes, talking to someone else allows us to gain a different perspective we may never have been able to see from our own point of view. This can help us adjust our mindset or come up with effective solutions.

How to Effectively Talk It Out

Finding an effective way to talk it out will prove to be greatly beneficial in the long run. Here are a few tips and tricks to effectively talking it out.

Talk to a Someone You Trust

You don’t want to talk about something stressing you out to just feel more stressed out about who you have confided in. Make sure you are opening up to somebody who will leave you feeling supported, loved, and validated.

Ensure You Set a Plan to Move On

Having a support system to lean on when you are having a tough time or enduring pain is great. However, it is also important to plan to move past these difficulties. This can involve speaking to a therapist, coming up with a solution to your problem, or adjusting your mindset.

Talk About the Positives, Too

There is nothing wrong with complaining or venting about your difficulties from time to time. However, speaking primarily about the negative issues in your life can have a huge impact on your mindset and, ultimately, your mental health. Don’t forget to talk about the good things in life, too. 

Reach Out to a Mental Health Professional

Sometimes, the difficult feelings and thoughts accompanying hard times in life can be complex. Talking them out with a counselor in talk therapy practices like cognitive behavioral therapy can prove to be incredibly beneficial. 

If you are ready to seek the help of a counselor, we are here for you. Contact us today, and we will work to help you through life’s difficult moments.   


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