How to Help College Students Struggling with Addiction

College Student Struggling with Addiction

Between studying for finals, attending classes, maintaining a social life and trying to fit in, many college students find themselves relying on substances to help them cope. In fact, college students make up one of the most prominent groups of substance abusers nationwide.

Why do college students turn to drugs?

The significant rates of substance abuse among college students can be attributed to various factors, including:

Stress. With students facing high amounts of pressure and increasing demands of coursework, part-time jobs, internships, many turn to substances as a way to cope.

Course load. More students are now taking stimulants, such as Adderall. After a thorough finals week, this drug can help them stay awake and students long enough to complete their assignments and do well in their courses. All too often, these drugs are obtained without a prescription.

Curiosity. College students are investigating many new aspects of their lives, both professionally and personally. It's not unusual for that self-exploration to fall into drug experimentation.

Peer pressure. College students surrounded by their peers experimenting with recreational and performance-enhancing drugs are more likely to try these substances themselves.

Drugs of choice on college campuses

Trends change over time, and no substance is immune to experimentation. However, several substances are more often abused among college students than others. These include:

Alcohol. With 4 out of 5 college students drinking alcohol, it's the most popular and dangerous drug used by students on campuses by far. To many students, drinking goes along with the college experience; It's always present at house parties, sporting events, and student gatherings. Because alcohol use throughout college is widespread and often overlooked, many students drink more alcohol than their peers who aren't away at school.

Adderall. Known as the "study drug," Adderall and other stimulants such as Vyvanse are growing in popularity among students who are facing pressure to meet all of their academic obligations.

Marijuana. More and more college students are turning to pot as their drug of choice due to its recent legalization. In some places, marijuana use outweighs even that of alcohol.

We’re here to help

If you're a college student struggling with addiction, you don't have to face this challenging time alone. There are dark days when it seems like no one is on your side or understands your situation–but help is close.

We craft an individualized plan for each patient. If you or a loved one seek treatment for alcohol abuse or struggle with medication abuse, our plan will cater to your needs. Typically, at least one one-hour individual counseling session per week is required.

Our team of providers is committed to helping you recover from addiction. We'll take the time to understand your unique circumstances and craft a treatment plan specifically for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment or call one of our facilities.

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