Knowing When You’re Ready for Addiction Therapy

Knowing When You’re Ready for Addiction Therapy

Addiction is an illness that can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Many who struggle with the disease fear opening up about their suffering. Others are not yet ready to admit they have a problem. And others fear what the future holds when they finally take the necessary steps toward healing.

For these reasons (and many others), many people suffering from addiction end up suffering in silence for much longer than they should. They procrastinate talking to their doctors about the struggles they are facing. They keep their addiction a secret from friends and family, missing out on support that could help them. They tell themselves every day that they will seek help when they are ready, although that feeling of being “ready” never seems to come around. If you are wondering if you are ready to begin addiction therapy, we are here to help you. In this article, we will provide you with a few questions to consider that may help you decide whether or not you are ready to begin addiction counseling today.

First Thing’s First: Why are You Considering Addiction Therapy?

If you are considering going to addiction counseling when you are ready, there must be a reason. Have you begun to notice your quality of life suffering? Addiction can have a crushing impact on a person’s relationships, finances, stability, career, health, and overall ability to enjoy life.

So, what is it that finally made that voice inside your head begin to tell you that your relationship to drugs and alcohol is no longer healthy and that you need help? Was that voice coming from a loved one? Did that voice begin to speak up after you made a huge mistake?

The most important thing to consider is whether or not you are considering addiction therapy to find your own healing. Your path to recovery will not be an easy one. There will be many obstacles and bumps in the road. This is why it is so important that you are beginning this journey for yourself and nobody else. Are you ready to find healing?

Have You Tried Quitting on Your Own, But Cannot Seem to Succeed?

Addiction changes your brain, causing intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Many people suffering from addiction find themselves wanting to quit but feeling as though they are unable to as the cravings and withdrawals kick in.

One of the main characteristics of addiction is being unable to resist drugs or alcohol, despite the consequences. Have you found yourself making questionable decisions in order to be able to access drugs or alcohol? Has that need begun to hurt the people you love, cause financial distress, or lead you to behave recklessly?

If your withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings are holding you back, addiction therapy can be critical in helping you begin your path to recovery. Through addiction therapy, you will have the support you need to work on improving yourself every day.

Is Your Health Beginning to Suffer?

Along with addiction can come a multitude of mental and physical health issues- for yourself and the people around you. There are many reasons for this. For one, drugs and alcohol each come with their own health risks, like liver disease and dental issues. Addiction can also cause a person to behave recklessly, having unprotected sex, driving recklessly, and using needles that may not be sterilized. Addiction can also cause mental health issues, such as paranoia, loneliness, and irritability.

A few of the other health risks associated with addiction can include:

  • Lung disease
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • HIV and hepatitis C
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

If you have found that your addiction is causing some health issues to arise, but you still cannot seem to kick it, having the support and guidance provided in substance abuse treatment may be just what you need to get your health back on track.

Is Your Addiction Keeping You from the Life of Your Dreams?

If you have been dreaming of a future that does not seem possible with your addiction, addiction therapy may be just what you need to get on track. Addiction can often cloud your thoughts with strategies you will use to get ahold of the substance you are addicted to. However, if you have begun to dream about short-term and long-term goals, you may be ready to begin your path to recovery. Addiction can hold you back from achieving your goals. If you are dreaming of pursuing your goals, you may be ready to seek help for your addiction.

Consider What is Preventing You from Pursuing Addiction Therapy

Many people have some worries and fears about pursuing addiction therapy that may be holding them back from pursuing treatment. What worries and fears have kept you from seeking help? Are you afraid of losing the thrill that comes with drug and alcohol use? Fortunately, there are more thrills available outside of drug and alcohol use! Are you worried that the journey to recovery will be too difficult for you to achieve? Addressing this fear can help you recognize that substance abuse treatment is a journey, not a race. Every single step forward you take in your journey is another step closer to recovery. While the journey won’t always be easy, it will definitely be worth it as you find yourself feeling happier and healthier every step of the way.

Our Counselors are Here to Help

If you are ready to begin your journey to recovery, we are ready to help you. Our counselors will work with you to figure out which treatment may be best for you, whether that be:

  • Individual addiction therapy- a form of therapy in which you will work with one of our compassionate, experienced counselors to work through your addiction on a therapeutic level.
  • Family counseling- knowing you have the support of your loved ones through your journey to recovery can play a critical role in your success.
  • Group counseling- a form of therapy that offers you support from people who are or have been in your shoes. Group counseling can be a great way to help you build a support network and find inspiration from other people who are or have pulled themselves out of the pits of addiction already.
  • Suboxone treatment- Suboxone therapy is an addiction treatment that uses the medication known as Suboxone to block the opioid receptors without creating a high. Suboxone is a mix of Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Together, these two ingredients allow those experiencing addiction to ease their bodies from the drugs without severe withdrawal symptoms.

Everybody is different, which means that while some treatments work well for one person, others will work better for you. Most people will likely need to combine more than one of the treatment options. Our counselors will partner with you to find the treatment options that work best for you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Recovery is a journey that is worth every single struggle along the way. Our counselors are here to support and guide you on that journey. Contact us today, and our team will work with you to begin your journey to a happier, healthier life.


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