The Mental Health Benefits of Spending Time Alone

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The Mental Health Benefits of Spending Time Alone

Solitude Day is celebrated on March 26. Now, you may be thinking that this is a day specifically for introverts or people who aren’t big fans of socializing. 

However, this day is a day that should be celebrated by all. While many of us have heard about the many benefits of a healthy social life (humans are social creatures, afterall), there is also something to be said about having a healthy relationship with yourself. 

No matter how extroverted or social you are, spending time alone is a necessary part of living a healthy, happy life. What better time to talk about the mental health benefits of spending time alone than Solitude Day? 

The Mental Health Benefits of Spending Time Alone

 Spending time alone allows you a chance to step away from the many pressures of society and hear your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The many benefits of spending time alone include:

A Deeper Understanding of Oneself

When you are constantly surrounded by others and the pressures of society, you rarely have the chance ot spend time with your own thoughts, feelings, and ideas. In social settings, you may find that your personality, thoughts, and feelings are shaped by your company. 

While it is great to have time with company, it is also amazing for your mental health to allow space for your mind to race, wander, and feel on its own. Alone time will allow you to better explore your passions, dislikes, boundaries, and feelings. 

Alone time allows you to search for yourself without worrying about the thoughts and opinions of others. The deeper understanding you have of yourself, the better chance you have at living a high-quality life.

Increased Creativity and Productivity

Alone time allows you mind the chance to wander without restraint. This is a great way to strengthen creativity and improve productivity. Bouncing ideas off of other people can be a great way to find inspiration. However, creating these ideas requires the chance for your mind to wander.

While research has found many negative consequences to social isolation and loneliness, it has also found that alone time can increase a person’s imaginative and creative thinking.

A Chance to Recharge Your Social Battery

No matter how social a person is, we all need time alone to “recharge our social batteries”. As a matter of fact, studies have found that people who live alone, ultimately spending ample amounts of time with themselves, tend to have richer social lives than those who cohabitate.

Can Help Reduce Stress

Alone time allows one the chance to decompress and sit with their mind. This can leave room to practice relaxation techniques and mindfulness, two key components of healthy stress relief. Your brain needs a break, and that includes from being “on” in social settings. Allowing the mind that break grants it the chance to reduce stress and approach tough situations feeling fresh and resilient.

We Are Here for You

Do you struggle with being alone? If your mind has become a difficult place to spend time alone in, your mental health may be struggling. Our caring and compassionate therapists are here for you. Contact us today, and we will work to help you feel happier and healthier.


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