My Loved One is an Addict. Now What?

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If you’ve realized someone you love has a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s difficult to know what steps to take next. If you’re living in Mid-Michigan, Michigan Psychological Care can provide comprehensive addiction treatment in your own community.

When a patient comes to Michigan Psychological Care, we work with them to create an individual care plan that will address their substance abuse issues in a comprehensive way. Our treatment plans may include a combination of individual and group counseling and follow-up care. Our expert staff is ready to stay with you and your loved ones through every step of the recovery process.

If you are concerned that your loved one has a substance abuse problem, share information with them and encourage them to get treatment. Unfortunately, you cannot establish treatment for them if they are over the age of eighteen and you are not their legal guardian. However, you can establish treatment for yourself, even when your loved one is not ready to get help yet. Michigan Psychological Care professionals work with the addict, as well as the family of addicts. Our professionals are equipped to help those that are struggling because of their relationship with an addict, whether that person has chosen to get treatment or not.