National Relaxation Day: The Importance of Taking Time-Outs

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National Relaxation Day: The Importance of Taking Time-Outs

In a society that is constantly romanticizing sentiments like “the grind” and “you can sleep when your dead”, toxic hustle culture has found its way to the forefront of many people’s lives. Because of this, employees’ burnout, depression, and anxiety rates are higher than ever as their work life begin to bleed into their home life, leaving them with no rest at all. 

Rest is a critical component of optimal mental health. Without it, our physical, mental, and cognitive health will take a hit. This includes our:

  • Concentration and memory. Your cognitive functioning will be unable to thrive if it is in focus mode for far too long. Rest allows your brain to renew the energy it needs to perform tasks that require your concentration and memory. 
  • Mental health. Many mental health conditions can be attributed to a lack of proper rest. This is because our brains need rest in order to maintain resilience against stress and illness. 
  • Immune system. Our body also needs rest in order to function properly- especially our immune system. Considering the fact that our physical and mental health depend on each other to thrive, a weakened immune system can be detrimental to both. 
  • Mood. A lack of rest is commonly associated with low mood. If you push yourself too far without allowing time for a break, you may find yourself feeling irritable, sad, stressed, or anxious.

Tips for Incorporating Time-Outs in Your Day

As you can see, rest is a critical part of maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. So, how can you begin to incorporate little pockets of rest throughout your day? A few ways include:

Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are a critical part of being able to rest. In order to incorporate more rest in your day, you must first set boundaries that allow you to have the time, space, and energy to do so. This includes creating a healthier work-life balance, saying no to plans that do not add to your life, and removing yourself from situations that cause stress or frustration.

Incorporate Time-Outs into Your Daily Routines

We all have our routines. However, some of us forget to include moments of rest in those routines. Begin to find ways to take a time-out. You can plan to take a fifteen-minute time-out for every two hours of work you get done, schedule some me-time at the end of every day, create relaxing morning and evening routines, and take a day to yourself every once in a while. 

Find a Hobby That Leaves You Feeling Happy and Rested

Whether it be a fifteen-minute meditation, attending a yoga class, taking the time to journal, or something else that brings you joy, search for a hobby that allows you to take your mind off the stresses of everyday life and leaves you feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Is Your Lack of Rest Impacting Your Mental Health?

If you have found your mental health to be struggling due to a lack of rest, we are here for you. Refusing to allow yourself time-outs throughout your day can lead to stress, burnout, and fatigue. Our counselors are here to partner with you in finding a solution to your craving for the grind. Contact us today.   


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