Remote Counseling Now Available at Michigan Psychological Care

Remote Counseling Michigan mental health

Remote Counseling Now Available at Michigan Psychological Care

Throughout the COVID pandemic, remote counseling has proven to be a safe and effective way to receive mental health care. Studies estimate that 74 percent of people surveyed were “highly satisfied” with their telehealth appointments.

We think that’s great news!

We've received positive feedback from our clients, as well. Telemedicine saves travel time and has been easier for many clients to fit into their schedules than in-person appointments.

That's why we've decided to offer telemedicine appointments permanently. But don't worry, this doesn't mean that in-person appointments are going away!

If you’ve been considering remote counseling, read on. This post explores a few benefits and what to expect when you make the decision.

What is remote counseling?

Remote counseling refers to mental health services that are conducted online. In opposition to in-person therapy, online counseling allows you to connect with a licensed counselor using any device with a reliable internet connection, like a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Benefits of remote counseling

Accessible for remote areas. With a small number of mental health practices in their geographic area, those who live in such areas might not have as much access to in-person care. Having to drive long distances and take time out of a busy schedule can be a hassle for many people in need of help.

Online counseling offers access to mental health information and treatment for those living in rural and remote areas. If you have a reliable internet connection, online therapy can give you a relatively quick and easy way to access treatment that might not have been readily available to you otherwise.

Accessibility for those with physical limitations. Mobility can be a significant issue when it comes to finding mental health care. Online counseling provides accessibility to those who are disabled or housebound. If you're unable to leave home due to physical or mental illness, you may find online therapy a valuable alternative to a traditional setting.

Convenience and affordability. Remote counseling is affordable and convenient. Since therapy will be done from the comfort of your home, you can schedule sessions during times that are most convenient for you.

Finding an online therapist

Telemedicine has proven to be a safe and effective way to continue your care that offers certain benefits over traditional, in-person appointments. It makes care more accessible, allowing us to help more clients.

Michigan Psychological Care is happy to announce that we permanently offer telemedicine appointments as part of our regular scheduling. We first offered telemedicine as a safe way to continue care under pandemic stay-at-home orders. The virtual appointments were so successful and beneficial to our clients that we've made them a permanent part of our care.

All our therapists at all three locations have been trained and successfully use telemedicine for appointments using our secure app.


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