Telemedicine is Safe, Effective, and Convenient!

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Through the COVID pandemic, telemedicine has proven to be a safe and effective way to continue your care at our Michigan Psychological Care offices. In fact, telemedicine has several benefits over traditional appointments. One thing that has become clear is that telemedicine has a positive impact on our community. It makes care more accessible, allowing us to help more clients.

Telemedicine appointments:

  • Bring care to those too far away from the office
  • Save you time; make scheduling easier
  • Reduce the need for childcare or time off for appointments
  • Remove transportation barriers
  • Allow greater privacy, reducing feelings of stigma
  • Make care accessible for those with barriers that make in-person appointments difficult
  • Give you a “home field advantage” that can make it easier to relax and share
  • Help reduce your exposure to the viruses that cause COVID and influenza