Ways to Cope with the Grief of Divorce

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Ways to Cope with the Grief of Divorce

Sometimes, relationships run their course and must come to an end. The breaking of a relationship can be devastating no matter the reason for it ending. Finding healing after divorce can take some time. In this article, we will give you some tips for coping with the grief of divorce as you work your way toward moving on. 

Why We Feel Grief After Divorce

Many people think grief should be reserved for the death of a loved one, but there are many reasons one may feel grief. The loss of an important relationship is one of them. You may feel grief after divorce because you are experiencing:

The Loss of a Close Companion

Your partner is somebody you were emotionally intimate with. Losing that closeness can be devastating.

The Loss of the Support You Received from Them

Whether your partner offered you financial, emotional, or another type of support, it can hurt to lose the support a marriage brings. 

The Loss of the Future You’ve Dreamt Up

When you marry somebody, you plan your future with them by your side. Divorce means all of your future plans will be changing in some way or another.

The Stress of Starting Anew

It can be scary to start over after divorce. Sometimes that means moving houses, moving cities, making new friends, and many other things. Change can be scary and stressful.

The Fear of Ending Up Alone

Getting divorced can dredge up a fear that you will not find somebody else. It can feel isolating and scary to think that somebody who loved you will no longer be in your life.

Ways to Cope with the Grief of a Divorce

Coping with divorce can be painful for many reasons. No matter the reason you are grieving the loss of your marriage, these coping techniques can help you get through the difficult emotions you are facing. 

Validate Your Own Feelings

Your feelings about the divorce, whether they be sadness, anger, relief, or something else, are completely validated and deserve to be felt. Do not push your feelings aside for fear they are not rational. This will only make it harder to move forward. 

Let Yourself Have Time and Space to Work Through It

Take the time you need to grieve in the way that feels right to you. If you need a break from work, take the break. If you need space, take some space. If you need to lean on loved ones, lean on them.

Lean on the People Who Make You Feel Supported and Loved

Grief can be incredibly isolating for anyone. Do not allow yourself to pull away from your support system, though. They will be critical in your healing. Let your loved ones know that you need them and accept the help and support that they offer you.

Contact a Mental Health Specialist

Sometimes, we need a little professional help to get through the difficult feelings associated with divorce. If you are considering therapy for your grief, we are here for you. Contact us today, and we will partner with you to work through the complex emotions associated with the loss of something important to you.



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