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Help for Adolescents in Clinton County, MI

In Clinton County, MI, many adolescents' worlds are currently being turned upside down. They no longer have the structure of attending school every day, many of them cannot see their friends, and their summer camp plans may already have been cancelled.

As their parents or care-givers, we may try to do all that we can to make our adolescent’s lives feel as normal as possible. Even our own relationships with our kids may feel out of sync, as we are spending more time with them than usual. Even as we try to talk to our kids about what is going on in the world and try to make them feel okay, sometimes what our kids need is adolescent therapy and a new outlet to share their thoughts with. 

If you’re interested in adolescent therapy in Clinton County, Michigan Psychological Care is here for you.

Introducing the Idea of Therapy to Your Child or Teen

While it is sometimes easy for an adult to grasp the benefits of adolescent therapy, a child may not initially have the same initial reaction

1) Wait for a calm moment. Don't raise the issue of therapy when either of you is angry or upset. Therapy should also not be brought immediately after an argument or crisis. 

2) Explain the benefits. Tell your child that you want them to have an outlet for everything going on in their lives and that speaking about it to someone new will make them feel better. 

3. Be compassionate. Tell your child you are only suggesting this because you love them, you want them to be happy, and you want what’s best for them. 

4) Explain therapy. Once you’ve suggested therapy, explain how therapy works and why you think that they would gain something from it.

5) Don't get discouraged. Many children may initially say that they do not want to go or that they do not need therapy. Use your best judgement and do not immediately deter your child not wanting to go. 

6) Don't refer to therapy as a threat. Therapy is supposed to help your child. Do not refer to it as a punishment or purposely mention therapy when you are in an argument or they do something wrong. This will deter them from going and make them believe that going to therapy confirms that they are a “bad kid.”


Michigan Psychological Care provides adolescent therapy in Alma, Clinton County, and Midland, Michigan

Adolescent counseling can help improve the child’s overall mood, self-worth, and confidence, boost their self-esteem while also working with them to use various outside resources to cope with the situations they are in.


About Michigan Psychological Care

At Michigan Psychological Care, our experts offer adolescent therapy. Our care providers in Clinton County can see patients as young as four years old to as old as the late teens for a variety of issues. If your child is facing stress and anxiety about school, self-esteem issues, or has experienced bullying, we can provide specialized individual counseling sessions to help meet their needs.

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