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What is a Counselor?

Are you trying to find a counselor?

Do you wonder how a counselor can help you?

There are so many different kinds of counselors, it can get a little confusing! Whether you’re interested in a counseling career or require a counselor, yourself, we want to help clarify some of these terms. Rest assured, we have a variety of mental counseling professionals in Midland and all our other locations, and they’d be happy to answer your questions. But what are they? What do they do? Let’s figure that out today.

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What Is A Counselor?

A counselor is an individual with a master’s degree in professional counseling, social work, or psychology and a license with the state of Michigan who helps clients identify potential goals and solutions to issues that cause emotional distress. They can also help improve communication/coping skills, strengthening your self-esteem, and help promote positive behavior change.  Counselors have many names and can also be called “therapists” or “psychotherapists.” 

Are There Different Types of Counselors?

  • Individual Counselor
    They work one-on-one to help someone through a challenging time in their life. They also give support and help the person grow as an individual. Personal counseling deals with topics such as substance abuse, anger issues, depression, anxiety, marriage challenges, grief, and relationship challenges.  Individual counselors might run group counseling sessions and function as a group counselor.  They might also suggest that a person bring their partner to a session or two and do some couples or family counseling work as well. 

  • Couples Counselor
    If you’re having a difficult time in your relationship, a couples counselor can help you and your significant other work through your troubles.  The main goal of a counselor in this situation is to help couples slow the downward spiral in their relationship and establish some realistic expectations and goals that each person in the relationship can follow. 

    A counselor seeing a couple is unbiased and they are there to help the relationship; whether that means salvaging a problematic situation or helping partners end things in a healthy way.  Many times, a counselor seeing a couple will ask the individuals to get services with their own professional.  This allows both partners to work on themselves while the couples counselor is there to help with the relationship.

  • Family Counselor
    If your family has been affected by a stressful situation or life change, a family counselor can help. The common issues addressed in family counseling involve parenting, sibling conflict, loss of family members, integrating new members into the family, or dealing with a major move. Just like couples counselors, a family counselor is there to support the entire family unit.

    Many times, they will ask individuals of the family to get services individually.  There are times when a family counselor might meet with the entire family unit or just portions of it.  Their goal is to help a family navigate the challenging waters that they find themselves in and come out safely on the other side.

  • Group Counselor
    A group counselor is an individual who runs sessions for multiple individuals who have similar difficulties or circumstances. One example of group counseling would be running substance abuse, support groups. Group counseling involves teaching life skills to the group and using the similar experiences of the group members to act as support for others.  It is pretty rare for counselors to only engage in group therapy; so, there are many instances when a counselor runs a group that is ancillary to their practice. 

    For example, A counselor might see a need in the community for a substance abuse group and they might have several individual clients that could benefit.  That counselor would start a group session and often encourage their individual clients to attend for additional support. 

Looking for a counselor in Clinton County, Michigan?

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If you are having difficulties in your life, finding a counselor you’re comfortable with can be a fantastic help. Our staff will take the time to get to know you and your unique situation before suggesting a treatment plan or schedule. There aren’t any cookie-cutter solutions. 

Our caring team of patient advocates will ask some questions about what you are dealing with and they will set you up with a counselor at the office of your choosing that will have experience dealing with your specific situations. If you still have any questions, Contact Us today! We’re happy to help. We have three facilities throughout Michigan for your convenience:

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