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Therapy for Depression Can Work for You

Have you experienced sadness for a long period of time?

Do you have suicidal thoughts or attempted suicidal actions?

Do you want help alleviating these feelings?

People can feel like there’s no end to their sadness and no solutions, but that’s simply not true! Just as the title suggests, therapy for depression can work for you. But what is depression and how can we help? Let’s talk about that, today.

Depression Therapy Near Clinton County, Michigan 

Depression occurs when a person experiences feelings of sadness and despair that impair their level of functioning on a daily basis and persist for more than two weeks. Depression is marked by multiple symptoms and can be expressed differently depending on the individual. Some of these symptoms are sad moods, fatigue, lack of motivation, or feelings of hopelessness. In some cases, depression can lead to suicidal ideation. Common depressive disorders include major depression and persistent depressive disorder.

Depression is one of the most common reasons people seek therapy, and the condition is highly treatable. Depression therapy can include mindfulness techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. In depression therapy, a trained therapist can start to help a person understand and heal the source of the depression. Simply identifying the origin of the depression can make a large impact on treatment outcomes.

Treatment for Depression near Alma, Michigan

Therapy also helps people to recognize and access their strength, autonomy, and capacity for change. Group therapy can also be a useful form of therapy for depression. The group dynamic provides people with a supportive social network, which can help alleviate common symptoms of loneliness and isolation.

Medications are often utilized in depression therapy, particularly when the symptoms are severe, and the person needs help stabilizing their mood. All antidepressants have the potential for side effects and this must be discussed with a clinician prior to treatment. Antidepressants alone cannot adequately address the causes of depression, but they may help enhance psychotherapy treatment outcomes.

Therapy for Depression for Midland, Michigan Residents

Depression is not uncommon, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have solutions. If you want help with overcoming your depression, let us help you. We’re ready to listen, prepare a treatment, and get you back on your feet. Contact Us to schedule an appointment. We have three facilities throughout Michigan to help you!

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