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Managing Your Anxiety in a Digital World

Offering Support for Anxiety in Midland, MI

The Coronavirus public health crisis has been a mental health crisis as well.

Working from home and social distancing have quickly introduced new norms that many had to quickly adapt to. The uncertainty, combined with increased time online for many during quarantine, has led to an increase in anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety Treatment in Midland, MI

Anxiety Treatment in Gratiot, MI

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Digitally induced anxiety is a relatively new phenomenon. As more and more of our lives, work, and socialization become caught up in digital media, it is hard for many people to find moments of calm.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety Include:

  • Excessive worrying
  • Agitation
  • Loss of focus
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Changes in appetite
  • Fatigue

Anxiety is often very personal, and the way you experience may be different.

Social media often makes us compare our lives to an impossible standard. Additionally, the need to stay positive on social media during emotionally trying times for many people may worsen some symptoms of anxiety.

There are, of course, some potential benefits to digital communication. For extremely introverted people, it may provide a possibility to socialize in a way not possible before. Additionally, digital communication offers the freedom to respond at one’s leisure, potentially lessening anxiety.

Michigan psychological care can help you manage anxiety in Midland, MI.

Dealing with Digital Anxiety

There are some simple changes in lifestyle you can make to ease symptoms of digital anxiety. These include:

  • Taking breaks: try to not spend too much time in front of screens at once. Many workplaces now encourage taking breaks about once every hour. Stretch, take a walk, have a healthy snack, or just do something else for a while. In addition to feeling fresher, you’ll also end up being more productive and focused!
  • Limiting screen time before bed. This is especially important for people who experience difficulty sleeping. Try putting away the laptop and phone an hour before you go to sleep. Reading, listening to relaxing music, meditation, or a bath are all good ways to ease anxiety before bed.
  • Practicing mindfulness. Social media runs on our instinctive, emotional reactions. When you spend time on social media, check in with yourself emotionally before you respond. What are you feeling, and why? Don’t feel the need to explain or solve it—simply recognizing that something angers or saddens you is important.

If you think you could benefit from treatment for anxiety, contact us today.

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Michigan Psychological Care offers treatment for anxiety in Midland, Gratiot, and Clinton County.

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