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Dealing with Questions about Recovery

Are you currently seeing a therapist for depression, anxiety, or for other mental health issues? Are you open with your friends and family about seeing a therapist?


We understand that trying to maintain relationships while attending therapy can be tricky. You’re trying to work through internal issues while at the same time balancing work life and home life. Hopefully, you have friends and family who are supportive of your journey to better mental health, but even those who are closest to us and mean well can unknowingly add to the anxiety you’re feeling.

We have three facilities throughout central Michigan to provide you with the best care possible:

Therapy in Alma, Michigan - Gratiot Psychological Services

Therapy in Midland, Michigan​ - Midland Psychological Services

Therapy in St. Johns, Michigan - Clinton County Medical Center Psychological Services

According to Psychology Today contributor Lily Bailey, recovery from mental illness isn’t always linear.

“So what’s it like now that you’re better?”

This was a question Bailey said she received daily from friends, family members, and coworkers. Bailey, receiving treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, was never quite sure how to answer.

She writes about starting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: “There’s something I don’t say [to questions about her recovery]. Something I keep to myself, because people seem to like happy endings that leave them feeling fuzzy and inspired. They don’t want to hear that you’ve written a story about your recovery with a messy little epilogue: ‘I’m not actually recovered.’ Or worse: "Well actually, I slipped back again this weekend I spent two days sleeping so I didn’t have to engage with compulsions."

Do you find that you have a hard time being honest with people about your recovery, even when you know they care about you?

Are you worried that your support system might disappear?

Bailey writes, “From now on when presented with The Question, I will say this: ‘Being better is great. I’m not totally recovered though. Sometimes I have terrible days. I am still ‘journeying’ […] and I have a lot to learn.”

Michigan Psychological Care is here to help. 

If you’re just beginning your therapy journey, we want to help you. You don’t have to do it alone! Our expert therapists will create a recovery program specifically for you and your needs.

At Michigan Psychological Care, we know that your journey is just beginning, and may take months, or even years. We promise to be there for you every step of the way, no matter how many ups and downs you experience.

“Thank you for helping me to get through the hardest times of my life. The advice and good counsel gave me what I needed to get on with life and get thriving again. You have my gratitude.” - Tim

If you're dealing with anxiety, depression, or if you just feel like you need to talk with a professional about daily stresses, we're here to help. We have three facilities in Clinton County, Alma, and Midland, Michigan for your convenience.  Our therapists take the time to get to know you, your unique situation, and tailor a treatment plan for your recovery. Contact Us or call one of our facilities to learn more and schedule an appointment!

Gratiot Psychological Services in Alma, Michigan


Midland Psychological Services in Midland, Michigan


Clinton County Medical Center Psychological Services in St. Johns, Michigan


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