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Relationship Counseling for COVID Stress

COVID-19 has put enormous stress on all aspects of our lives. One especially important, and often overlooked, aspect has been the effect on relationships.

Dealing with relationship stress properly is important because relationships have such a large impact on our well-being. Additionally, strong romantic relationships have been shown to correlate with both physical and mental health.

Looking for relationship help? Michigan Psychological offers counseling in Clinton County, Gratiot, and Midland MI.

Unfortunately, stress and loneliness often create lower satisfaction with relationships. Times of hardship are when we benefit the most from strong relationships, but these times also put the most strain on our relationships. Managing the effects of this stress is key to a strong relationship!

In times when many are dealing with financial stress, homeschooling, childcare, and potential sickness, is your relationship a source of strength and stability, or another source of stress?

If you feel like you could use a little guidance right now, it’s ok! Here are some small but meaningful things you can do to keep your relationship going strong.

  • Prioritize Yourself. Sounds funny for relationship advice, right? However, prioritizing yourself doesn’t mean being selfish. Think of taking care of yourself as “Step Zero” in your relationship. If you’re unwell or unhappy, what can you expect from your relationship? Focus on your mental and physical health, and you’ll be surprised at all the benefits you notice in your relationship!
  • Have Perspective. Not every moment you spend with your partner is going to be perfect. But there is often very little to be gained by addressing small things. Importantly, if you address something once, leave it at that, and don’t bring it up again. After all, do you really want to argue about whose turn it is to take out the trash, or who left the lights on?
  • Don’t Be Complacent. No matter how long your relationship has lasted—5 months or 5 years—don’t take your partner and what they do for granted. Try to surprise them in small ways. It doesn’t have to be anything major, just something to let them know you’re thinking about them and care. Don’t know where to begin? You can’t go wrong by tidying up or making a nice dinner!
  • Tell them you love them. This might be obvious, but it’s worth saying. So often in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we forget to express the things we think and feel. You might think your partner already knows it and it goes without saying, but just saying it out loud is a small but powerful reminder that you care for them. It can also be a good time to reflect on what made you love your partner in the first place. 

Offering Counseling in Clinton County

Even the healthiest of relationships can benefit from counseling. Common problems we address include:

  • Difficulty Communicating
  • Suspected Infidelity
  • Excessive negative emotions
  • Relationship stress

Michigan Psychological Care offers relationship counseling in Clinton County, Gratiot, and Midland MI.

For more information, read about our counseling services offered.

If you think your relationship could benefit from counseling, contact us today!

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