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What To Expect in Substance Abuse Therapy

What is substance abuse therapy?

Substance Abuse Therapy is a term used to broadly describe the range of treatments used to help individuals overcome substance abuse. The variety of techniques used in substance abuse therapy include behavioral counseling, medication, and evaluation and treatment of co-occurring mental health issues. In many instances during substance abuse therapy, these techniques are used in combination to achieve the best possible results.

At Michigan Psychological Care we have three facilities throughout central Michigan to help:

Substance Abuse Therapy in Alma, Michigan - Gratiot Psychological Services

Substance Abuse Therapy in Midland, Michigan​ - Midland Psychological Services

Substance Abuse Therapy in St. Johns, Michigan - Clinton County Medical Center Psychological Services

How does substance abuse therapy at Michigan Psychological Care work?

The first approach in substance abuse therapy is behavioral counseling on an individual and/or group basis. Each type of counseling can have certain benefits and strengths that help a person in substance abuse therapy.

In individual counseling, the client will be able to get individual attention from a therapist, where the two can really focus and dig deep into specific client issues. In this type of environment, a client will likely feel more comfortable sharing certain details about their life that they would not share in a group setting.

In group counseling sessions, there is the advantage of getting support from others in similar situations and realizing that you are not alone. Also, hearing ideas from other group members is an invaluable way to learn and implement new strategies to your own substance abuse therapy.

Along with counseling, mental health professionals often prescribe medications such as Methadone and Suboxone to help control client drug cravings and slowly wean them off of narcotics. These medications are vital to substance abuse therapy because it makes the detoxification process for the client more manageable and increases the odds they will follow through with their recovery.

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Our substance abuse professionals are ready to help you or your loved one. Take the first step towards recovery. Contact us today. We have three facilities throughout Michigan ready to help you! 

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Midland Psychological Services in Midland, Michigan

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Clinton County Medical Center Psychological Services in St. Johns, Michigan

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