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Overcoming Addiction in Midland, Michigan

Addiction is a huge problem in the United States. Mid-Michigan is no exception. For many years, alcohol abuse was by far the most prevalent substance abuse problem in our community. Over the past two decades, opiate abuse has come into prominence, with heroin and prescription pill addiction sadly common throughout Michigan. Michigan Psychological Care is one of the leading providers of substance abuse treatment in Midland, MI and we have helped countless patients on their path to recovery.

Michigan Psychological Care leads Substance Abuse Treatment in Midland, MI

Whether you have a loved one battling addiction or worry you might have a substance abuse problem yourself, you probably have questions. How do you know whether the substance use is a full-blown addiction? What does addiction treatment entail? Do you have to leave the Midland community to find help?

There are plenty of reasons to be hopeful. More people are seeking treatment, and as more people overcome their addiction, experts gain more insight into how addiction works and how best to treat it. Now is a better time than ever to seek help.

With expert support and treatment, many people with a substance habit have been able to embrace a sober lifestyle. In Mid-Michigan and throughout the US, addicts are rejoining their communities and speaking out about their experiences to inspire others. It is possible to leave drugs and alcohol behind and embrace a positive, happy life.

How do you know if someone’s substance use is actually abuse? There are multiple signs.  Here are some examples:

  • If the user has failed to fulfill obligations at school, work or home due to substance use
  • If the user operates a car or other heavy machinery while under the influence
  • Someone who has been arrested for DUI or other substance-related offense or continues to use after being confronted by concerned friends and family

Once you’ve determined that you are dealing with a substance abuse problem, then what? If you’re in Midland County, there is an excellent treatment option in your community ready to help you or your loved one get clean once and for all. The team at Michigan Psychological Care is committed to helping recovery in every way possible. We craft an individual treatment plan for every patient, catering to the variety of different needs affecting each specific case. Our treatment plans may include a combination of individual and group counseling, medication, and follow-up care. Our expert staff is ready to stay with you and your loved ones through every step of the recovery process.

If you have realized it’s time to seek help with addiction, please reach out to us. Our team is ready to help you today. We will create a plan that caters to your needs and be with you every step of your journey.


1) Does Michigan Psychological Care only treat opioid addiction?

No. Michigan Psychological Care treats alcohol, prescription, and illegal drug abuse in addition to opioid abuse.

2) What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a prescription medication that can assist in the treatment of opioid addiction. It helps control cravings, ease symptoms of withdrawal, and prevent relapse.

3) Does Michigan Psychological Care offer services besides addiction treatment?

Yes. In addition to substance abuse treatment, Michigan Psychological Care offers individual, family and marriage counseling, anxiety treatment, hearing care at select locations, adolescent therapy, and psychological evaluations.

If you’re seeking help with addiction and substance abuse treatment in Midland, MI please call us today at 1-989-510-7626.

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