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Telemedicine is a Safe, Secure Option for Care

As the COVID pandemic continues to unfold and we move into flu season, Michigan Psychological Care is committed to providing you the safest, best care possible. 

When in-person care was restricted due to COVID, we began offering telemedicine appointments so client care could continue without interruption. We are happy to announce that we will continue to offer telemedicine appointments as an option because of the many benefits they offer.

Telemedicine has proven to be a safe and effective way to continue your care.

Benefits of telemedicine appointments

One thing that has become clear is that telemedicine has a positive impact on our community. It makes care more accessible, allowing us to help more clients.

Telemedicine appointments:

  • Bring care to those too far away from the office
  • Save you time; make scheduling easier
  • Reduce the need for childcare or time off for appointments
  • Remove transportation barriers
  • Allow greater privacy, reducing feelings of stigma 
  • Make care accessible for those with barriers that make in-person appointments difficult
  • Give you a “home field advantage” that can make it easier to relax and share
  • Help reduce your exposure to the viruses that cause COVID and influenza

Your privacy is always important to us

We understand you may have questions about privacy. Like in-person appointments, telemedicine appointments legally must comply with HIPAA requirements. This means your appointment and all your personal health information remain private and secure.

This also means that our providers use a special, secure app – called Doxy – for all appointments. Commonly used videoconferencing apps like Skype are not secure enough to protect you. When you make a telemedicine appointment, your therapist will give you instructions for how to connect to Doxy at your appointment time. All our therapists have been trained in using these services.

Your safety is always important to us

Whether online or in person, we want you to feel safe. For those who prefer in-person appointments, our offices will continue to take additional cleaning precautions and follow all social distancing guidelines. 

To schedule appointments, contact your therapist.

We are here for you

On behalf of our offices, Clinton County Medical Center Psychological Services, Gratiot Psychological Services, and Midland Psychological Services, we want to remind you that we are here for you.

We are still all in this together. And we will continue to be here for you into the next phase.

Michigan Psychological Care offers telemedicine appointments in Clinton County, Gratiot, and Midland.

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