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What is Marriage Counseling?

Are you and your spouse or loved one having difficulty communicating?

Do you feel like your relationship is going through a rocky patch that you just can’t move past?

Would you like to understand or strengthen your relationship before getting married?

We’re here to help! Our staff of caring psychologists and counselors are committed to helping you and your significant other find common ground and move forward in your relationship. We have three facilities throughout central Michigan to help you:

Marriage Counseling in Alma, Michigan - Gratiot Psychological Services

Marriage Counseling in Midland, Michigan​ - Midland Psychological Services

Marriage Counseling in St. Johns, Michigan - Clinton County Medical Center Psychological Services

What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is commonly called “couples therapy.” It’s a type of psychotherapy in which couples identify and resolve conflicts and work to improve their relationships.

During marriage counseling sessions, couples work to make thoughtful efforts to rebuild and strengthen their relationships, or respectfully decide to part ways. This is generally a short-term type of therapy and sessions usually include both partners; although it is not uncommon to return to therapy periodically to address new concerns or just to give your relationship a light tune-up!

Depending on the issues you're facing, the counselor may meet with one person for a session and the other at a different time. Your counselor may even split the session in half and meet with each of you separately. The reason the counselor might do this is to get an idea of each person's perspective about the relationship and what the challenges might be. It is also not uncommon for your counselor to recommend each person see another professional for individual counseling. As you work on the relationship, each partner may need to do some individual work as well.

Marriage Counseling - Why It Can Help:

Your relationship doesn’t have to be strained to benefit from marriage counseling. Some couples attend marriage counseling to strengthen their relationship and gain a better understanding of their partner. Even some couples who are planning on getting married will get marriage counseling. Counseling before the wedding can help couples to gain a deeper understanding of one another and work on differences before making a big commitment.

Other reasons couples seek marriage counseling include communication problems, sexual difficulties, conflicts raising children, blended families, substance abuse, anger or infidelity. Marriage counseling is available to all types of couples regardless of sexual orientation or marital status.

Sometimes marriage counseling may also help in domestic abuse cases. However, if the abuse has escalated to the point someone is afraid, marriage counseling is not the place to be. In those situations, the abused individual should contact the police, local shelter, crisis center, or emergency support.

Marriage Counseling - How to Prepare:

The most important thing for you and your significant other is finding the right marriage counselor for you as a couple. It’s important that you ask about the counselor’s experience and their style. Counselors are trained differently, so you’ll want to find someone you both feel is qualified and are comfortable with.

Other things you should know:

  • Ask about their treatment plans.

  • Ask about the length of each session?

  • Find out where they’re located.

  • What are their office hours?

  • Find out if they’re available in case of an emergency.

  • It’s okay to ask are about fees and if your insurance can help cover costs.

Marriage Counseling - What You Should Expect:

Marriage counseling is intended to help couples work on open communication, problem-solving, and how to discuss differences rationally. It may be hard to talk about your problems, just know your counselor will be there to help guide the session and to keep it productive and respectful.

Sometimes your partner may not want to go - it is ok to go by yourself. You have a chance to learn about your personal reactions and behaviors. When attending marriage counseling, you may have homework. Your counselor may suggest communications exercises for you to practice at home to reinforce what you have learned during your sessions.

Michigan Psychological Care Professionals Are Ready to Help You!

Seeking marriage counseling can be tough, but most individuals find the experience insightful and empowering. You can’t just ignore your problems and hope they get better. The first step is always the hardest but it is worth taking. Contact Us today or call one of our facilities to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Gratiot Psychological Services in Alma, Michigan


Midland Psychological Services in Midland, Michigan


Clinton County Medical Center Psychological Services in St. Johns, Michigan


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