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Group Counseling Near St. Louis, Michigan

Do you feel like you need to talk about your anxiety issues, but don’t feel like one-on-one therapy offers enough support?

Group Counseling Near St. Louis, Michigan

If you live in St. Louis, Michigan, Gratiot Psychological Services facility in Alma can provide you the compassionate care you need in a structured group setting. It can be difficult for some people to open up during traditional individual therapy. Seeing others dealing with similar circumstances like depression or anxiety can help you feel like you’re not alone.

We provide group counseling for a variety of circumstances, including addiction and substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Our caring staff works to provide a comfortable space where you and the rest of the group can come together and listen to each other’s experiences and provide support, with guidance from the therapist. Groups range in size from 5 to 15 members and meet once per week.

At Gratiot Psychological Services, we don’t want you to ever feel like you have to handle mental health problems alone. In addition to group counseling we offer these services:

Group Counseling in Alma, Michigan

If you live in the St. Louis, Michigan area and you’re not comfortable in traditional therapy sessions, group counseling can provide you with the safe and encouraging atmosphere you’re looking for. It’s easy to feel alone when dealing with depression or anxiety. You’re not alone. Gratiot Psychological Services and the entire Michigan Psychological Care staff is here to help! Contact Us or give us a call at 989-796-4555 to learn more and schedule an appointment today!

We also have locations in Midland, Michigan and Clinton County, Michigan for your convenience.

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