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Adolescent Therapy

Does your young adolescent or teenager have a tough time with self-esteem, anxiety, or school transitions?

Michigan Psychological Care provides adolescent therapy in Alma, Michigan adolescent therapy in Midland, Michigan, adolescent therapy in Clinton County, Michigan

Growing up is hard for some children. In an ideal world, every child would be born into a wholesome, healthy situation without any troubles. Sadly, that isn’t the reality. As adults we often forget or overlook the fact that children and young adults experience many of the same issues adults do. To help with these problems, adolescent therapy is available at our three facilities in Alma, St. Johns, and Midland, Michigan.

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Adolescent Therapy at Michigan Psychological Services Locations

Our care providers can see patients as young as four years old to as old as the late teens for a variety of issues. If your child is facing stress and anxiety about school, self-esteem issues, or has experienced bullying, we can provide specialized individual counseling sessions to help meet their needs.

We provide adolescent therapy for the following issues:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual/Domestic Abuse or Past Trauma
  • Gender and Sexual Identity Issues
  • School Transitions
  • Stress
  • Mood Concerns
  • Bullying
  • Understanding Appropriate Boundaries

In addition to the issues above, we also provide psychological testing for adolescents for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), mood disorders, and cognitive disorders that may be holding your child back in school performance. Our care providers will meet with your child in a one-on-one setting to get to know them and to understand their unique situation. If your child has a substance abuse problem, we can also help provide traditional one-on-one counseling and treatment.

Caring & Professional Adolescent Therapy Near You

With facilities in Alma, St. Johns, and Midland, help is never far away. If your child is having difficulties, we’re here for them. Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

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