Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day while in Recovery

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Saint Patrick’s Day is a well-known tradition around the globe, inspired by Irish culture and religion. This day’s celebrations usually include public festivals, Irish traditional music sessions, the wearing of shamrocks, and an excessive amount of alcohol consumption.

However, days like these, when drinking is not only common but also expected to celebrate can be challenging and triggering for individuals in early recovery from alcohol addiction.

Therefore, it is really important to acknowledge the potential threat of a relapse on Saint Patrick’s Day, as the association with alcohol demands extra caution from those who are in recovery. It is understandable that spending this particular day while in recovery might feel lonely and that the festive atmosphere in combination with the sight of alcohol can trigger certain temptations.

Nonetheless, with the correct planning, it is feasible to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day sober and still enjoy yourself. Below are some helpful tips for maintaining sobriety on triggering occasions, which can help you have fun on Saint Patrick’s Day without risking your recovery or safety.

Focus on your decision to stay sober.

Reminding yourself of why you chose to refrain from drinking to start with can be very revealing for your self-regulation system. Focusing on the successful recovery milestones you have achieved by now while setting goals for the future can make you feel that you are in control of the situation.

Stay close to your Support System

Feeling worried about staying sober on Saint Patrick’s Day is natural. This is why talking to supportive friends and family can be comforting. Sharing your fears with people close to you can make a huge difference.

In the event of experiencing higher levels of discomfort, asking for professional help is also an option. A mental health professional can help you feel stronger in the face of challenges and assist you in coming up with plans for solving this kind of problem.

Organize a Sober Party

In case no one you know is hosting an alcohol-free party for Saint Patrick’s Day, you might as well organize your own gathering with sober friends and family. Arranging your own gathering will make you feel in control of the environment and any triggering stimuli.

Finally, sober parties can demonstrate to other people that alcohol is not always a prerequisite for having fun.

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