10 Awesome Things About Having Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism is usually described from a viewpoint of deficits. Although this occurs in order to evaluate the appropriate kind of support and therapy that needs to be provided, constantly pointing out to what a person can’t do well enough compared to their fellows, can turn out to be pretty disheartening. However, being autistic does not necessarily mean facing obstacles and experiencing disadvantages. People in the spectrum also possess the gift of being able to view and interpret the world extraordinarily.

Admittedly, various things are demanding for people on the spectrum and for the people who take care of them, but for every drawback of autism, a merit seems to exist as well. People with autism spectrum disorder, have exclusively positive traits, which might even be totally absent among neurotypical persons.

One thing is certain: Persons with autism have a lot to offer this world. And the only way to deal with the misconceptions around this disorder, is by revising and rethinking about what we consider to be true about autism.

Below, are the top 10 traits most people with autism possess. By concentrating on their assets and learning more about them, people will hopefully understand that autism is way more than a disability.

1. Individuals with autism stand out in creative thinking

Autistic people have the ability to think in an abstract way, and they tend to provide solutions to problems in a different way than everyone else. Individuals on the spectrum are often described as people with the ability to think outside the box. They prefer quality over quantity, and although they may not come up with as many solutions as the others, it is almost certain that theirs will be highly creative.

2. They are honest and straightforward

Individuals with autism are not afraid to tell you what they really think. They prefer a straightforward relationship with no surprises and hidden intentions. If they have a problem with you, they will probably express it right away, and they would expect you to do the same thing for them.

3. People with autism are non-judgmental

Individuals with autism tend to perceive the world in a literal way. Autistic persons rarely care for social expectations, and they will never judge you by your outfit, your skin colour, your job, or your bank account.

4. People with autism have exceptional memory

People with ASD demonstrate an outstanding long-term memory. Although, they might struggle recalling facts that happened a while ago, they can surprise you with their ability to remember events that occurred many years ago in every detail.

5. Autistic individuals have an eye for detail

Individuals with autism have a strong eye for detail and an extraordinary ability to find patterns and sequences. Certain companies that are well aware of this trait, hire people with ASD to take over positions that require the ability to focus steadily and to execute repetitive tasks with high precision.

6. People with Autism are passionate

Many individuals on the spectrum are genuinely passionate about their ideas, their interests and the people in their lives. They take their time to carefully engage in any activity and add the necessary artistry, in order to excel in their area of interest.

7. People with Autism perform excellent at visual and auditory tasks

People with autism have a flair for auditory and visual elements. Research has shown that autistic individuals outrun others at tasks that require these specific skills, and they usually get high scores on non-verbal intelligence tests.

8. People with autism are reliable employees

Persons with autism take their occupation very seriously, and are committed to their work. They demonstrate passion in their duties, while at the same time remaining punctual and honest with their co-workers.

9. Autistic individuals are righteous

People with ASD have a strong sense of justice and an intuition of what’s right and wrong. They always pursue a solution based on these beliefs, with a genuine sense of fairness.

10. Autistic people are not afraid to be themselves

Individuals with autism don't get bothered by what others might think of them. On the contrary, they continue their own journey of uniqueness, and strive to share their passions with the rest of the world.

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