How to Stay Mentally Strong When You're Alone on Valentine's Day

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Whichever your relationship status might be, experiencing Valentine's Day while a global pandemic takes place, will probably make it even tougher. However, being alone might bring extra pressure to some individuals, making them feel neglected, while everyone else around them seem to be celebrating love and buying roses.

It is only normal to have feelings like these, but you must be careful, not to let them drag you down and make you feel like you don't deserve happiness. On the contrary, this is the best time to practice self-reflection and learn to love yourself, even more.

Here are some strategies to help you stay emotionally fit and to keep you mentally strong, in case you're alone on Valentine's Day:

Practice self-compassion

Being alone on Valentine's Day, might make you feel unlovable and neglected. However, blaming yourself merely because you are single, will not be beneficial for your well-being.

Don't let your negative thoughts take control, and counterattack them with self-compassion. This is the perfect time to give yourself credit for all the things that you have accomplished in your life. Remember, it is not your relationship status that defines you, but the connection with yourself, your motives and your life goals.

Practice gratitude

A great way not to let this, rather commercial day, distress you, is to acknowledge all those people close to you, for whom you are thankful for.

Reminiscing about all the great moments you have shared with your friends, family, and co -workers, and all the support you've been provided with, might make you reconsider the forced need, to have a romantic partner on Valentine's Day.

Learn to be appreciative, and try to focus more on the people who are in your life, rather than those who are not.

Reach Out to Someone

View this day, as an opportunity to reach out to a close person of yours, a friend or a family member, whom you haven't spoken to recently. By doing this, you might brighten up someone's day, who might also be feeling alone on this occasion.

Consider this holiday as the perfect moment, to show your love to people in your life who could use some care. Remember, any gesture from your side, is sure to make someone's day better. At the end of the day, helping others will make you feel better as well.

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